How Your Regular Diet Affects Your Ideal Body Weight

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Ideal Body Weight e1383788299806 How Your Regular Diet Affects Your Ideal Body WeightThere was a time when the ideal body weight was not a thing to be worried about. Family gathered around the table to eat together. All the food was prepared at home, even the dip or sauce. There was plenty of time to talk and a big yard to walk.

As a wrecking ball –Lol- processed food came in together with the paid advertisement on TV and broke down many walls.

Today the daily diet of a great percentage of people is based on the advertised processed foods. Is still the ideal body weight important? It is, people search for the ideal body weight chart more than ever. The most important thing is that our daily diet should be oriented and dedicated to making our quality of life full and complete.

My goal is to empower people to take control of their health. Who am I? I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian. I’m not a trainer or life coach. I am probably not different than you reading this article, but I’m moved by a passion.

My passion is helping others live life fully, without health issues related to food intake at an early stage in life. Aging with pain has become normal. I receive a letter today saying that I could walk pain free. Who did say I had any pain?

I motivate and support people who want to regain their ideal body weight. My help comes mostly from the tools Beachbody offers –see products page-. I research about healthy lifestyle because I’m dedicated to change lives.

It is great to create conscience that our food should be chosen to create health, and that exercise keeps our mind and body young.

The world is immersed in a sea of weight loss advertisements. The weight loss industry is acting wrong. It is focused  more on how to lose weight fast than promoting health. As a consequence, people are managing disease instead of staying healthy.

We need to transform our relationship with food. As an Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb reads:

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

That’s right! We are eating to become sick every day more.

It is a health business folks. We have been sold a system of beliefs concerning food that is threatening beyond our lives: Our future generations.

Why Some People Don’t Get to Their Ideal Body Weight

Let me say something simple here. Generally speaking, every person has individual needs to get to the ideal body weight. There are people who no matter what they eat or drink, no matter how many days or how intense their exercise routine is, they are unable to lose weight. Why?

There is a problem that has to be addressed a different way. That is cellular inflammation. I’ve found that what causes cellular inflammation is a triangle of food: Bad fats, toxins and sugar. Read the label of any processed food and you will find at least two of them in it.

If we drastically reduce our exposure to this triangle and provide the correct nutrients to the body, the cells will heal and we will lose weight. It looks simple right? Simple doesn’t mean easy.

Here is the fun part. People with this problem are going to have a hard time to get to their ideal body weight. The addiction to foods full of those three elements is going to be hard to break.

Thank God there is nothing that a strong firm determination cannot overcome.

There are too many misconceptions out there, but if at least this humble advice is followed; a lot is going to be fixed.

Remember: You can have the body you want at any age.

To your health,


Anton Vides

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