The Paved Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

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What is a healthy lifestyle? Where does it start?

a healthy lifestyle The Paved Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle involves a variety of aspects to consider. Weight by Age is not going to have the space here to expose all the variables involved in what can be defined as a healthy lifestyle.

However, one important thing to say about what makes your life be what it is, are your thoughts. When your thoughts turn into action, they become what you bring out about yourself. If those actions become recurrent, they become your habits and ultimately your lifestyle.

Let’s say that you are eating the healthiest food you can think of. If you rush through your meals, not taking enough time to chew properly because you are in a hurry, you are not embracing a healthy lifestyle.

You see, everything counts; not only the what, but also the how. The right attitude is essential. Even if your food is healthy, not giving it the right attention makes your body spend more energy digesting it.

Low levels of digestive enzymes can bring you to experience inflammation. That means wrinkles and /or chronic disease.

If you really want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, you have to make time to be self-conscious about your body. You may be a smart, funny, and a creative person, but it’s possible that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you have an unfair self-appreciation.

It seems as if you allow your low self-esteem or lack of confidence take control of your mind. Those mental perceptions of yourself have a strong impact on your appetite, your weight, and your stress.      

Don’t allow your self-doubt to hold you back. You have to regain the control of your mind, so you can regain the control of your body and, ultimately, of your life.

First is your mind, then your body; no the other way around. That’s when you start embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Start every day being grateful. Take just a few minutes to express loudly how grateful you are for that day and all you have. If you believe in God, tell him that you acknowledge his blessings.

2. Think yourself young. Your age doesn’t matter. Whatever you think, your body will follow. It will react by allowing you to become stronger and agile. You can get back your normal weight.

3. Go out! Explore, feel like a kid again. You can go out to walk, run, cycling, and why not? Make new friends. It will transform you. Try it!

4. Work out for at least 15 minutes. Tone your body. It’s true that things don’t magically get better when you take care of your shape, but you start feeling confident. 

5. Start a weight loss program. You can start a healthy weight loss program to improve your health at any age. As your weight starts to slide off, your entire identity starts shifting. You will regain control over your addictions (sugar, coffee, cheese, etc.), and over your self-image.

6. Kill your stress. A simple formula to kill your stress is this: Take a deep breath and smile. It works if you do both in that order. Even when you don’t feel like doing it, do it. It has a relaxing effect on you.

7. Have a lite dinner. You had your breakfast as a king/queen, and your lunch as a prince/princess. Now it’s time for just a meal replacement shake. That’s it.

There you have a blueprint to a healthy lifestyle.



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